The Top 5 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Wendi Weiner, The Writing Guru - Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

Wendi Weiner, The Writing Guru - Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has become the filet mignon of social networking.  We now have the ability to network and connect with talented professionals from all over the world. We also have the ability to create professional branding to market our skills to various persons of interest.  Recruiters and companies use LinkedIn to spy on potential job candidates and CEOs use LinkedIn to search for the newest business opportunities. That’s right. A fully optimized LinkedIn profile can get you noticed by a top recruiter or even a top company.  A fully optimized LinkedIn profile can also help you generate more leads for your business. The best part: It is all available at your fingertips!

Here are The Writing Guru’s top 5 ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile so that you can be seen and heard:

Targeted Keywords

Not sure what keywords you should be using in your LinkedIn profile? Staying up-to-date on the latest trends in your industry is just one way of knowing how to target the keywords for your LinkedIn profile.  Another approach is to research job descriptions.  You want to know the keywords that are best associated with the work you do and the work you want to do.

Catchy and Compelling Headline

Listing your job title may not be the best approach.  Think of an adjective that describes your sector.  Utilize it. For example, if you are in pharmaceutical sales, a great LinkedIn headline would be “Top-Ranking Pharmaceutical Sales Executive.” You have the keywords “pharmaceutical” and “sales executive” in your heading. Additionally, saying that you are a “top-ranking” sales executive is a great way to lure in the reader and show your value.

Recommendations and Endorsements  

We can refer to ourselves as experts in “business development,” but when someone else says it about us, we automatically gain credibility. Why? LinkedIn is a public forum.  Having someone else quantify your credentials in writing on the largest professional social media platform is golden. Secure those, especially from former bosses and senior managers.

Customize your URL  

Facebook is not the only social media site that allows you to customize your URL. Customizing your LinkedIn URL is highly recommended. Your profile will appear more professional and your name will appear faster in search results. Here is an infographic on how to customize your LinkedIn URL:

Wendi Weiner, The Writing Guru - How to Customize Your LinkedIn URL

Interact and Captivate 

“Like” articles others post and comment on those articles. Post articles of your own. Join groups and add connections. Active members get more attention and a higher profile ranking.

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