How to Write & Format an Effective Business Letter

When you think of a business letter, it’s often used as a cover letter, introduction letter for a business opportunity, or a letter of recommendation. If you’re writing a business letter, there are key items to focus on in addition to the “meat” or substance of the letter. Here are suggested tips on how to […]

The Two Biggest Job Search Mistakes You’re Making

In the digital age, you may be making the two biggest job search mistakes without even realizing it. These mistakes can actually prevent you from getting that lucrative job offer. Let’s face it.  Job searching is tedious and downright stressful. It is a job in of itself.  Waiting for a response from employers can take weeks. […]

Best Ways to Make a Career Change You’ve Always Wanted

For many years, I created list after list on the best ways to make a career change. Then I finally stopped making lists, and I took the leap. I still remember that fateful (or should I say faithful) day when I told my friends and family that I was leaving the practice of law to […]

How to Network More Effectively and Connect to the Right People

When deciding how to network more effectively and connect to the right people, we have to remember that our lives and careers are greatly influenced by the people we spend the most time with — those people include parents, children, siblings, friends, and professional colleagues. Jim Rohn brilliantly stated, “You’re the average of the five […]

Redefining Your Focus During the Summer

Summer has officially started. The heat is being turned up, family vacations are starting, and suddenly there is a striking realization that 2016 is halfway over. Perhaps you are sitting on the beach right now sipping on a delicious cocktail reading this article. Are you where you thought you would be? Are you feeling stuck? Are you […]

The Success of Following Your Heart

Life is full of twists and turns. Your career will have unknown paths and roads. Sometimes you will come to a fork in the road.  Which road will you choose and why? Whose life will you impact along the way? It has often been said that the only place where “success” comes before “work” is […]

The Top 5 Interview Secrets to Land Your Next Job

Have you ever wondered why some of your friends or colleagues always seem to nail their interviews and get the higher salary? Interviewing is a skill. It takes practice, confidence and focus. Negotiating your salary also takes great skill. Here are 5 of our top interview secrets on how to beat out the competition and […]

The Top 5 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has become the filet mignon of social networking.  We now have the ability to network and connect with talented professionals from all over the world. We also have the ability to create professional branding to market our skills to various persons of interest.  Recruiters and companies use LinkedIn to spy on potential job candidates and CEOs use […]