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Wendi Weiner Reviews:  Over 100 5-star reviews since 2014!

You can read verifiable reviews written about Wendi Weiner and The Writing Guru from former clients dating back to 2014. Wendi Weiner has more than 100 combined 5-star reviews on Yelp, Google, and LinkedIn.  Wendi Weiner and The Writing Guru only utilize Yelp, Google, and LinkedIn for client reviews and testimonials. We recommend verifying the trustworthiness of reviews when researching executive resume writers and watching out for resume scams.

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Reviews from Real Clients of The Writing Guru & Wendi Weiner

“There is no one more knowledgeable or qualified in the resume and career coaching arena than Wendi Weiner. Wendi’s unique experience, having been an attorney-at-law, gives me added assurance that she has my best interests at heart. I have now used her twice, and the results speak for themselves.” – Eric E., Production Manager/COO
“Despite Wendi being extremely busy because she is perhaps the most highly regarded and well-known in the business, she delivered highly personalized service throughout the entire process. Any question I had was answered via email at lightning speed and I was never once made to feel as if I was a bother. WENDI GENUINELY CARES ABOUT HER CLIENTS. She wants to see you succeed and will do any and everything in her power to help you to do so and land your dream job. I could not have landed my new job without her assistance. Wendi helped me transition from a dead-end job to a career with a fortune 500 company ranked as one of the top 100 companies to work for. Wendi I don’t know how I can ever repay you or thank you enough. You are awesome!” – Excerpt from Yelp review of client who accepted business management role with Salesforce

“I had been practicing law for 5 years at the time so I didn’t think it would be hard to find another position. I was dead wrong. A month and a half went by of me applying to at least 6 legal positions a day with NO offers, and hardly any call backs. I was feeling discouraged and completely down. A friend recommended Wendi and I’m so glad she did! Wendi reviewed and edited my resume. After only two days of applying with my newly revised resume I received four interviews which landed me two job offers!! I was astounded and I know it was because of my resume since that was the only thing that changed! I ultimately was able to choose and landed my dream job, which I’ve been at for 2.5 years now. Thank you Wendi! If it wasn’t for you I would probably still be unemployed. You are truly a miracle worker!” – Shannan H., Attorney
“I was fortunate to work with [Wendi] in 2017 as I was seeking to change workplaces and encapsulate my previous 15 years of experience doing product management. We started with a simple to follow process that focused more on my passions and interests. My experience and skill sets complemented the descriptions about me, which is something that is different about The Writing Guru. She is more interested in helping you find a career that you will love, rather than just your next job.” – Carlos F., IT Director/CTO

“I got an exceptional LinkedIn profile and an amazing resume. She planned every single detail of my career portfolio. Despite the fact that Wendi is in such demand, she always finds time to answer all your questions, and is very punctual with all her work. I always felt that I was her priority. She even worked on my project on her only days off as she knew how important it was for me. I was so touched by that. Wendi was there for me the entire time, even when I returned for additional writing help and coaching.” – Julia F., Marketing Manager (and repeat client)
“The Writing Guru was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her services. Her knowledge and attention to detail have aided me in landing an opportunity with a dynamic company for employment. I feel confident in recommending The Writing Guru to anyone who needs assistance with their resume. She is not only thorough, but also easy to work with, and always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and respond to questions. Thank you Writing Guru!” – Harry L., Restaurant Management Executive

“I turned to The Writing Guru because I was looking for the #1 expert in professional writing and editing. Between her background as a lawyer and college writing professor, her skills in writing and editing go far beyond what many other so-called professional writers can do. If you are looking for the best writer out there, look no further. The results have been amazing from her work!” – Daniel R., Internet Marketing Entrepreneur
“I had several friends review it and everyone was very impressed! They want you to help them with their resume too!” – A.C., CFO

“The resume is amazing. The cover letter is great and so personalized. I can’t thank you enough for all of your help.” – D.S., Paralegal
“Everyone has commented on my resume and said its very impressive. One director said the list of skills was so well written it’s like I was created for the job.” – K.A., Health Care Director

“The Writing Guru has once again, exceeded my expectations! They provided me with professional resume writing assistance. From design and layout, to execution and delivery, their services were efficient and punctual! They are great to work with, very knowledgeable, and execute with excellence!” – K.P., Sr. Sales Director (repeat client)
“Thanks for your great work. The executive recruiter I am working with said she’s been doing recruiting for 25 years and this is the best resume work she’s ever seen!” – Anonymous, C-Level client

“It looks great! After just 1 day of sending it out, I already have several leads interested in meeting with me.” – R.P., Program Development and Client Relations
“Fast service, took what I thought was a good resume and made it into a great resume with an elegant use of keywords in my profession. Wendi was able to take my evaluations and integrate them into my resume. My resume now looks stellar compare to my previous versions. Highly recommend her service.” – K.M., IT Administrator

“I will make sure to promote you all around! You have clearly made a difference in the quality of my resume. It not only looks clearer, but is an easier read and definitely highlights key points. After this experience, I do not think people with significant experience should do their own resumes as they get caught up in trying to detail every aspect of their position rather than focusing on key points. Having a professional like you take a “fresh look” at the resume and re-writing it definitely helps a future employer. Having read, reviewed and selected resumes for numerous positions, I can see the difference in the resume I had and the resume I now have! – J.T., Chief Legal Counsel
“I’m a stressed-out high school senior and needed help writing my college admissions essay. My ideas were there, but I found it hard to come up with a good theme, Thanks to The Writing Guru’s assistance, I got into the college of my dreams. Go Gators!” – Allison, College Applicant

“With The Writing Guru’s resume assistance and interview coaching program, I was able to decide between multiple job offers and negotiate a better salary!” – L.S., Paralegal
“After 3 years of unemployment, I’m happy to say I will be working a full time School Social Work job and it all started because The Writing Guru revamped my resume.” – Gwyn Brooks, Social Worker

“I’m a graduate student who needed editing services for my 30+ page thesis. I received one of the highest grades in my course and I know it was due to the superb proofreading skills of The Writing Guru.” – Ilene, PhD student
“After 22 years of work experience, my curriculum vitae was pushing eight pages. The Writing Guru helped me pare it down to three pages, put together a cover letter, and get an interview for a management role with a Fortune 500 company….now everyone reading this knows that The Writing Guru’s work had made all the difference in the world when looking for my next role” – Rick, IT Director

“The Writing Guru helped me with proofreading and editing my application essay for a doctorate program. When the editing was completed, I felt it improved significantly from my original version. Two months later, I was admitted into the doctorate program! I highly recommend The Writing Guru.” – Yaron Z., Doctoral Candidate
“I was an unemployed office manager with 10+ years of experience and couldn’t understand why employers were not contacting me for interviews. Upon meeting with The Writing Guru and learning that my resume was holding me back, I turned to their services. Within a few days of sending out my new resume, I received multiple calls for interviews. I am now working for a great company and it’s because I had a well-written resume!” – Jennifer, Office Manager