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Content Writing from Top Branding Expert, Wendi Weiner

Content writing and brand messaging services come in high demand in the digital age. Wendi Weiner, branding expert, has perfected the art of creating and delivering powerful branded content that gets results. To provide true ROI, your website content, blog, or published article has to garner a reader’s attention, and fast. As a paid content writer for companies and top publications, Wendi Weiner, The Writing Guru®, has personal knowledge and demonstrated expertise in putting your best foot forward with thought-provoking content. Wendi has a knack and finesse about her writing style that speaks to different audiences, all at once. Her work has been seen in countless major media outlets (MORE THAN 50!), and she’s written viral content in publications that continues to generate thousands of audience views and clicks. Don’t forget to also read what people are saying about Wendi across multiple platforms.

Why Wendi? Why The Writing Guru?

Wendi Weiner - The Writing Guru®

Wendi Weiner – The Writing Guru®

Attorneys are trained to think differently. Wendi knows how to be succinct, terse, and drive home the point for a compelling story. That educational training combined with her added value as a college writing professor for 7 years isn’t something you will find in ANY content writer today.

Writing is an art form, and it should be taken seriously. It’s your company’s reputation that’s on the line!  Many blogs, professional biographies, and content for company websites are often prepared by inexperienced writers, cheap amateurs, or newfound digital marketing strategists who lack professional writing backgrounds and who are not familiar with standard rules of grammar and syntax. When developing content for a website, drafting a magazine article, or creating a blog for your company, it is important to have a person with a creative mind, passion for writing, and a passion for detail.  It’s also important to look at your direct competitors and see how you can differentiate yourself. Wendi herself has proven how to do that.  Drive your company’s personal brand with Wendi’s expertise in savvy content writing that’s sure to allure readers.

Wendi’s writing has been a real game-changer for my company. If you are going to grow your personal brand, you need someone who is a true writing expert and established professional such as Wendi, not a fly-by-night sensation. Just compare her credentials and you will know why she’s the writing expert for you.” – CEO of a top marketing firm

Wendi Weiner - Content Writer and Branding Expert Seen in 50+ Media Outlets

► Content + Brand Strategy That Effectively Targets Your Niche Market & Grows Your Personal Brand.

Wendi helps other businesses stay on top of industry trends through writing creative and savvy content that effectively markets and drives more revenue growth. Part of her content writing process involves doing a branding audit that also analyzes your messaging and value proposition for your brand. Looking at items such as company insights, customer insights, and competitor insights enables us to do a soup-to-nuts analysis of all avenues of your brand, SEO, and social media presence. When it comes to writing content for your company’s website or company’s blog, put your trust in someone who has built a long-standing reputation for professional writing and editorial needs.

Brand Message Strategy Coaching + Creating a Strong Online Presence.

Business strategy coaching requires someone with the in-depth experience, knowledge, and business prowess to know how to grow a brand in the digital age, and grow it well. Leveraging our own success in growing a high-ROI business, we know what works and doesn’t work. You may be the CEO of a growing firm, but having a business page on LinkedIn for your company is a necessity today to promote services and products. It requires delving into your company’s mission, branding statement, and key philosophies. When hiring an expert to write your LinkedIn page, you want a branding expert who can craft a compelling story for your company to shine in the business world. Enter, Wendi Weiner The Writing Guru.

Branding Audit + Brand Messaging:  This process is a deep-dive into company, customer, and competitor insights with an additional focus into SEO and your company’s social media analysis. We provide instrumental questions, strategies, and proposed re-targeting of your company’s brand message. As a Certified 360Reach Analyst and branding expert, we are trained to do specialized personal branding assessments.

Social Media Set-Up: Includes setting up of 3 major social media accounts and 1-hour of strategy coaching. Monthly social media management is available (includes content creation, scheduling, and strategy coaching). Contact us directly to learn more about our monthly packages: 

Let Wendi’s career credentials and intensive training be the winning combination that you or your company needs.