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Thinking about hiring a LinkedIn profile writing service or a LinkedIn profile writer for a makeover of your LinkedIn profile? Having a professional LinkedIn profile matters more than ever in the digital age, whether you’re a job seeker, an entrepreneur, or an executive leader of a Fortune 500 or emerging start-up.

Why Hire a LinkedIn Profile Writer?Wendi Weiner The Writing Guru - Why Your LinkedIn Profile is More Compelling Than Your Resume

As of 2024, there are approximately 1 billion LinkedIn users and 55+ million LinkedIn business pages. Companies and recruiters alike use LinkedIn to mine for potential new employees and job candidates. LinkedIn enables you to gain access to executives and other valuable connections that help expand your network and career opportunities for current and future endeavors. Your LinkedIn profile brings you immense buying and selling power in the digital world.

Writing a powerful LinkedIn profile requires a deep understanding of a person’s background and career story, their industry, their skill sets, as well as using the platform to maximize the individual’s brand. Wendi Weiner’s LinkedIn presence has garnered media interviews, top-tier clients, and positions writing for major publications. LinkedIn is not about having 30,000 followers and content views. It is about using the platform in a robust way to showcase your personal brand so the right people find you and vice versa — that means a true strategy behind the message.

A professional LinkedIn profile is also a vital component of effective marketing for business owners. There are a number of statistics out there as to why every professional should have a LinkedIn profile.

Why Is LinkedIn Different From Your Resume?

LinkedIn is your online resume and digital footprint. But, think about this for a second: your resume gets delivered to a hand-select number of people, whereas your LinkedIn profile is viewable by millions of users. LinkedIn is the first place people look to analyze and determine your professional value (and it ranks at the top of a Google search). In the digital age, it’s vital to have a professional LinkedIn profile that stands out apart from the rest and one that effectively communicates your personal brand.

This is why many professionals turn to hiring a LinkedIn profile writing service or professional LinkedIn profile writer and LinkedIn expert like Wendi Weiner. Full optimization of your LinkedIn profile ensures social networking success, career growth, and business profitability.

With the influx of companies and recruiters searching for job candidates through LinkedIn, it is imperative for job seekers to have a LinkedIn profile that properly markets their skills and is not a mere copy and paste of their resume. The reason for this is twofold: 1) your resume contains proprietary information that you wouldn’t want to disclose to 700+ million users and 2) there’s a high rate of plagiarism in the cyber and digital world. I can’t tell you how many people have lifted content from my website, my published articles, and even my social media posts. I delve into this further in my post, Why Your LinkedIn Profile Should Not Be a Copy and Paste of Your Resume.

Before Hiring a LinkedIn Profile Writer, Make Sure They Are a LinkedIn Profile Expert 

Before hiring any LinkedIn profile writer, determine if they are a true LinkedIn expert. Compare how they brand themselves, how their profile is written, and look to see if they’re a published industry authority on LinkedIn profile writing. The writing component of a LinkedIn profile is the most valued skill.

For example, Wendi Weiner is a Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert (NCOPE), a pioneer certification that only a handful of resume writers hold. Wendi is trained in using the platform and she is a Certified Personal Branding Expert. Wendi speaks to global audiences on building a LinkedIn brand. She is also a published authority on LinkedIn profile writing, with long-standing articles, including her 2015 HuffPost article, “Why Your LinkedIn Profile is More Compelling than Your Resume, well-known article in the ABA Journal, “How to Build and Leverage Your Legal Brand on LinkedIn, and subsequent articles on LinkedIn in her Above the Law column.

Be wary of those claiming to be experts without the training, certifications, and writing acumen. They will base their expertise on their followings (which they built in a short time) or social stats (ex: “I’ve gotten 1M impressions on my LinkedIn posts and I can do the same for you.”). Many of those individuals are just focused on mastering or gaming the social media algorithm as opposed to understanding the foundation for writing a powerful LinkedIn profile. True expertise in writing a LinkedIn profile is a trained skill that requires a writing expert with a deep understanding of brand messaging and storytelling.

✰✰ The Writing Guru’s LinkedIn Profile Makeover Services ✰✰

We offer two LinkedIn profile makeover services for clients: (1) a full re-write/makeover with strategy coaching OR (2) a Power Your Brand™ session for clients who simply want quick feedback, tweaking, and insights to their LinkedIn for immediate results. Book a consultation with Wendi first before making payment to discuss your needs. Click on the blue boxes/buttons below to see package components.

"Full" LinkedIn Profile Makeover: $1,495. Package includes complete profile creation/re-writing, updating, and optimization with 90 minutes of interfacing with Wendi to elevate your personal brand online (30-min intake/interview call; 60-min networking/marketing coaching call). Click this button to read more about the process and what is included in your full LinkedIn profile makeover.

Please note: For business owners, we create a business page for you with the logo and optimize it. Our Full LinkedIn Profile Makeover includes the following:

  • Initial Strategy Session Call (30-min.):  LinkedIn profile branding questionnaire, plus an intake/strategy call to obtain any further details to construct your LinkedIn profile for your specific technical skill set, key areas of expertise for storytelling, LinkedIn profile brand positioning, and target audience.
  • LinkedIn Profile Development & Optimization. Receive a fully customized professional LinkedIn profile (top-to-bottom) with a compelling headline, detailed multi-paragraph summary, and keyword-rich experience (up to 5 companies included), education, and other relevant sections. Includes 1 round of edits to perfect your LinkedIn profile. If details for your experience section already exist, Wendi will smooth over any necessary language to improve syntax and flow, including tweaking sentences and removing extraneous content.
  • Master Your Brand™ Strategy Session Call (60-min). This is a best practices call to help you navigate LinkedIn and take your social networking to the next level. The call provides you interactive strategies to teach you how to increase visibility, grow a network of influence, and connect with the right professionals. We’ll also check your settings to ensure you’re performing at the highest level on the platform and answer any questions you have about using LinkedIn for your career, business, or job search needs.

By making payment, you agree to our Terms of Service

Power Your Brand™ LinkedIn Coaching Session (60 minutes): $695. Looking to immediately market your personal brand on LinkedIn without having to hire us for a full re-write? Includes detailed feedback on your headline, summary, and other profile sections to help you power your LinkedIn use, as well as suggested edits to the current profile to better optimize it. If you prefer a 90-minute session, we offer that option for $995.

By making payment, you agree to our Terms of Service

✰✰ Published Testimonials from LinkedIn Clients (As Seen on Our LinkedIn Profile) ✰✰

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Interested in adding a resume? We package LinkedIn profile writing overhauls as a bundle (deeply reduced to $700-$900) with your resume + cover letter in our premium resume and LinkedIn profile writing service packages.

Interested in hiring us for a corporate LinkedIn branding project? We have written LinkedIn profiles for Fortune global and domestic teams as part of a corporate branding or incentive project. Whether your company is seeking to hire us for 10 employees or ~50 employees globally, we offer these services. We also provide in-person interactive LinkedIn coaching presentations on how employees can implement better use of LinkedIn’s platform as well as individual branding. Please contact Wendi directly for more information:

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