LinkedIn Company Page: Why Your Business Needs One

LinkedIn Company Pages: Why Your Business Needs One

LinkedIn Company Pages: Why Your Business Needs OneLinkedIn company pages are on the rise and they provide good marketing opportunities. If you own a business, you know the importance of having a website and active social media channels that act as direct marketing for your business. One of the most overlooked marketing channels is a LinkedIn business page. When I speak to business owners about optimizing their personal LinkedIn page, I also discuss the importance of having a LinkedIn company page. However, they are often shocked to hear about its important value-add to the business brand and its search capabilities.

According to LinkedIn’s statistics:

  • LinkedIn company pages with complete information get 30% more weekly views. Incorporating a logo, business overview and info, and call-to-action button are shown to boost your visibility.
  • Companies that post on a weekly basis can see a 2x rise in content engagement. It’s suggested to use images to increase comment rates and views.
  • LinkedIn company pages that post daily get 2x the member engagement.

Benefits to Having a LinkedIn Company Page

There are a number of benefits to having a robust LinkedIn company page. It immediately creates two vehicles for you to be searched on the platform:  (1) your personal page (as the company owner); and (2) the business page (the actual company brand).

The business page has a separate link that’s distinct from your personal LinkedIn page that you can insert into your direct website for better tracking. Additionally, you can post content and drive traffic to both pages, focusing on personal storytelling and insights for your personal page while driving business-focused insights through your LinkedIn business page.

Actionable Steps to Implement for Your Business Page

There are multiple actionable items to add to your LinkedIn business page. These include a logo, tagline, detailed description, customized and searchable hashtags, location, types of services, and custom call-to-action button (to link to your website – thus driving more traffic). Further, you can invite your connections to “follow” your LinkedIn business page and stay connected on the pulse of your latest business updates and news.

Having a LinkedIn business page enables you to have an additional stopping place for people to learn more about your company and brand. It can be easily accessed through tapping on the company logo. It also allows you to showcase employees to better represent your company brand. By failing to establish a company page, the company information will remain blank and the logo will look similar to a tombstone – thus, making someone question whether your company even exists.

The LinkedIn business page is a great solution for independent business consultants and solopreneurs to showcase their work and further legitimize their experience section. It can also help generate more consulting projects on a per diem basis.

My advice: take the time to create a LinkedIn business page and develop the optimization for it – this will drive deeper insights to grow and engage your potential audience while additionally creating a more optimized business brand.

Want to see an example of a LinkedIn business page? Check out mine here. Feel free to connect and follow me on LinkedIn. To learn more about my LinkedIn profile writing services, please visit my LinkedIn writing services page here.