Alternative Careers for Lawyers: When You Want to Quit Law

When I graduated law school in 2003, there was very little data or information out there about alternative careers for lawyers. The idea of wanting to quit or leave law seemed taboo. I only began to explore the topic heavily when I made my own transition and pivot out of law. Deciding to leave or […]

An Open Letter to Content Thieves and Internet Plagiarists

As the success of my business, The Writing Guru®, and professional notoriety has surged in recent years, it has not come without content thieves and internet plagiarists stealing my intellectual property. In recent times, I’ve found numerous instances of my website content on The Writing Guru lifted (from my homepage to my terms of service), […]

What Your Resume Needs in 2023: Resume Tips & Job Search Trends

The end of the year is a great time of reflection, introspection, and revival. It’s also a time where job seekers plan out their career goals for the new year and job search strategies. Enter the 2023 job search and new resume trends for 2023. With January and February being two of the busiest months […]

Why Your LinkedIn Profile Should Not Be a Copy and Paste of Your Resume

On a daily basis, I speak with executives and C-suite leaders who ask me: LinkedIn versus resume? Which one matters the most? Isn’t LinkedIn your online resume? Or is there really a difference? Several years ago (five to be exact), I wrote in the HuffPost about why your LinkedIn profile is more compelling than your […]

LinkedIn Background Photo Ideas: Making Your Brand More Personal

A LinkedIn background photo or cover photo is a great way to personalize your LinkedIn profile, enhance your brand messaging, and keep you fresh in the minds of others. There are various LinkedIn background images to choose from and design ideas to implement for your LinkedIn cover photo. While you can perform a Google search […]

LinkedIn Company Page: Why Your Business Needs One

LinkedIn company pages are on the rise and they provide good marketing opportunities. If you own a business, you know the importance of having a website and active social media channels that act as direct marketing for your business. One of the most overlooked marketing channels is a LinkedIn business page. When I speak to […]

4 Quick Fixes When Writing a LinkedIn Profile

Writing a LinkedIn Profile vs. Writing a LinkedIn Post There’s a big difference between writing a LinkedIn profile that’s effective versus writing a LinkedIn post to get high visibility. Writing a LinkedIn profile is a trained skill. A trained and certified LinkedIn profile writer will understand that SEO, keyword optimization, and other facets of the […]

Companies & Industries Hiring During COVID-19

COVID-19 jobs? Is this a real thing? Yes, COVID-19 hiring is happening despite startling unemployment statistics. In the last week, a reported 6.6 million U.S. workers filed for unemployment, and the unemployment rate has surged to over 4%. Even with these startling statistics, there are specific industries and companies offering COVID-19 hiring opportunities. Before looking […]

Job Searching During a Recession and COVID-19 Pandemic

A COVID-19 job search? Who would have believed it? We are living in an unprecedented period that feels like a scene from a Steven King or apocalyptic movie – the beginning of a recession fueled by a global pandemic, the COVID-19 outbreak. You may be frantic about the security of your current job, the potential […]

How to Ace Your Next Phone Interview

Learning how to ace a phone interview is an imperative step in the job search process. Today, a typical job posting brings 250 applicants. On average, 10 make it to a phone interview, and of that 10, only 3-5 make it to an in-person interview. The phone interview is the most important step in the […]