4 Quick Fixes When Writing a LinkedIn Profile

Writing a LinkedIn Profile vs. Writing a LinkedIn Post There’s a big difference between writing a LinkedIn profile that’s effective versus writing a LinkedIn post to get high visibility. Writing a LinkedIn profile is a trained skill. A trained and certified LinkedIn profile writer will understand that SEO, keyword optimization, and other facets of the […]

Companies & Industries Hiring During COVID-19

COVID-19 jobs? Is this a real thing? Yes, COVID-19 hiring is happening despite startling unemployment statistics. In the last week, a reported 6.6 million U.S. workers filed for unemployment, and the unemployment rate has surged to over 4%. Even with these startling statistics, there are specific industries and companies offering COVID-19 hiring opportunities. Before looking […]

Job Searching During a Recession and COVID-19 Pandemic

A COVID-19 job search? Who would have believed it? We are living in an unprecedented period that feels like a scene from a Steven King or apocalyptic movie – the beginning of a recession fueled by a global pandemic, the COVID-19 outbreak. You may be frantic about the security of your current job, the potential […]

How to Ace Your Next Phone Interview

Learning how to ace a phone interview is an imperative step in the job search process. Today, a typical job posting brings 250 applicants. On average, 10 make it to a phone interview, and of that 10, only 3-5 make it to an in-person interview. The phone interview is the most important step in the […]

Tips for Writing an Effective Executive Bio

I routinely write professional bios for executives, c-suite leaders, boards of directors, business owners, and speakers. One of the top questions I receive is: when do I need an executive bio? The follow-up to that question is: how do I write an executive bio? There are a few ground rules to remember when writing a […]

Mapping Out Your Job Search Strategy

When you travel places, you likely use a GPS to help you navigate your way. It gives you an overview and turn-by-turn method to guide you and prevent you from getting lost.  Similarly, before you begin any job search, you need a GPS to get you to that career destination. That GPS includes a job […]

Resume Writing Associations: The Keys for Professional Resume Writers

There are several resume writing associations that offer certifications, advanced training, and other professional development to maximize the credentials of resume writers. A word of caution: If you see other articles out there written about these organizations or the certifications they provide, please first verify that the author is a member in good standing of […]

Resume Writing Services: Why the Process Matters

You’ve decided to invest in resume writing services, but you aren’t sure whose process is right for you.  With thousands of resume writing services out there, this article is not here to tell which one you should pick, but instead, provide you with important information about the resume writing process that you should be considering […]

Tips to Customize Your LinkedIn Profile URL in Seconds

A customized LinkedIn URL is one sure way to brand yourself and a way to alert readers that you are an experienced LinkedIn user. Have you ever noticed that some LinkedIn users have a hodgepodge of random numbers and letters at the end of their URL? It is also far less awkward being at a […]

How to Analyze a Resume Writer’s Reviews & Client Feedback

The Writing Guru Reviews: Trustworthy Resume Writer Reviews I founded my resume writing company, The Writing Guru, in June 2010, and it wasn’t until 2014 when I got serious about my business and considered leaving the practice of law that I started obtaining client reviews and testimonials on third-party sites. Over the course of the […]