Alternative Careers for Lawyers: When You Want to Quit Law

quit law - alternative careers for lawyers

Leaving law - alternative careers for lawyers who want to quit lawWhen I graduated law school in 2003, there was very little data or information out there about alternative careers for lawyers. The idea of wanting to quit or leave law seemed taboo. I only began to explore the topic heavily when I made my own transition and pivot out of law.

Deciding to leave or quit the practice of law can feel more stressful than when you took the bar exam. You can feel lost, alone, and unsure of where to turn. Your family and friends may question your sanity. Typical questions included: “But you invested all of this money in your legal education. Why throw it away?” I wasn’t throwing anything away. My legal education has helped me every step of the way since I earned my J.D. in 2003.

Over the past decade, I’ve written heavily about alternative careers for lawyers, in addition to voraciously sharing my story across social media and in a wide variety of publications. I am someone who has walked the walk of leaving a decade-plus career to the wayside to pursue life-long goals and passions. Here’s the other key part: I’ve been immensely successful at it.

Law should not feel limiting. It should feel expansive and opportunistic. After all, your law degree is a golden ticket in the business world. Stay tuned for my forthcoming book on why.

In this blog post, I want to include all of the links to various articles I’ve authored about my story, podcasts where I’ve explored my legal career in-depth, as well as the reasons I left law to be a professional writer. I am also linking articles that provide you actionable steps and advice for you to make your transition. My goal is always to equip you with knowledge and help if you need it.

Helpful Links for When You Want to Quit Law

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I routinely refer transitioning lawyers to consult with specific executive and leadership coaches. These are valued coaches who have done transformational work with entry-level lawyers up through executive-level lawyers. Reach out to me if you want me to put you in touch with one of these coaches.

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