Wendi Weiner, The Writing Guru


A Professional Resume Writer’s Guide to a Targeted and Organized Resume

There are three different types of jobs that seekers will apply to: safety, target and dream jobs.  Safety jobs are ones that are perfect for when you are in a pinch or bind that you know you can take on if need be, such as when you are unemployed.  Target jobs are ones which may […]

How to Pass Through the Gates of the Applicant Tracking System

Have you ever had the right job skills and qualifications for the job, submitted your resume online and then never got selected for an interview? Chances are your resume lacked the right keywords to pass through the employer’s applicant tracking system (ATS). It is estimated that more than 90 percent of large companies and nearly every […]

Why You Need a LinkedIn Profile in 2018

Very recently, while writing a resume and cover letter for a client, I was asked, “Do I really need a LinkedIn profile?” The answer is YES. Do not stop. Do not pass “Go.” Do not collect $200.  Get your LinkedIn profile up and running today. Here are some facts and statistics about LinkedIn: Total number […]