Job Strategy & Interview Coaching

Do you struggle with how to apply for a job in the digital age? Not sure where to go for networking your way to your next role?

Do you always seem to get the call for the job interview, but never seem to get the call for the job offer?  Are you tired of walking out of your interviews feeling depressed and disenchanted?  Do you get nervous and stressed out before your interviews and even more stressed out during them? Do you know the difference between traditional and behavioral interview questions? Are you aware as to what constitutes proper job interview attire?


If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, our specialized Job Strategy and Interview Coaching Program is for you! We will take you step-by-step through the interview process, from what you should wear, to the types of questions you should ask, to even the types of answers you should give to those standard interviewing questions.

Our job strategy and interview coaching includes our Interview Skills: Tips to Ace the Job Interview guide prepared exclusively by us with interview tips, advice and answers to interview questions through the S.T.A.R method. This interactive interview strategy session takes you through all types of interviews – – callback interviews, day long interviews, lunch interviews and interviews with multiple persons asking you questions in a roundtable system. Includes a mock-interview style question and answer session. Between salary, benefits, your strengths/weaknesses, to answering the loaded questions employers have, we will help you clinch the offer and even assist with tips on negotiating to get the salary range you desire. So, whether you are local in Miami or in another city, we can still help you prepare for your interview. With our specialized coaching, you can nail the interview and celebrate the job offer you deserve. Pricing: $595.00 (90-min session).