Advanced Professionals

Advanced Professionals

Advanced professionals include anyone with five (5) to 20+ years of experience and who are seeking a supervisory/management or senior level (non-C-Level) position. The Writing Guru knows what keywords are required to accentuate your core strengths and abilities.  We will ensure that your resume is placed on a sophisticated template with the right format that best suits your experience, industry and career path. Your resume will contain specific and detailed content encompassing industry targeted keywords regarding your professional experience so that you can strategically position yourself for the next opportunity.

We specialize in resumes for management level employees in both sales, marketing, finance and IT, including but not limited to the following:

Director of Sales and Marketing  Regional, District or Area Sales Manager ■ Business Development Manager or Director of Business Development ■ Vice President of Sales ■ IT Director  ■ Systems Administrator ■ Accounting Manager ■ Controller

We also have extensive resume writing experience for the medical field, including registered nurses, healthcare administrators and healthcare technicians!

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