Why You Need a Networking Resume if You’re a Consultant, Speaker, or Business Owner

Most of us consider a 2-page resume to be the standard, especially for executive-level job seekers with lengthy work histories (or slightly longer if you have extensive organizational and community leadership, publications, and speaking). However, a networking resume (sometimes termed a “sell sheet,” “marketing biography,” “speaker resume,” or “consultant resume” ) is a condensed version […]

The Two Biggest Job Search Mistakes You’re Making

In the digital age, you may be making the two biggest job search mistakes without even realizing it. These mistakes can actually prevent you from getting that lucrative job offer. Let’s face it.  Job searching is tedious and downright stressful. It is a job in of itself.  Waiting for a response from employers can take weeks. […]

How to Research and Review Executive Resume Writing Services

If you’re just beginning your quest for an executive resume writer or thinking about hiring an executive resume writing services company, I’ve written this article to help guide you and make you an informed buyer. The #1 question I hear on a daily basis is: “I need to hire an executive resume writer, but how […]

The Top 5 Things Holding Your Resume Back From Being Effective

Just like how the Zack Morris brick phone has been replaced by sleek and lightweight smartphones, your resume should not look the way it did back in 1995. Resumes are not what they were 20 years ago or even 10 years ago for that matter. Today, they require a completely different mindset and systematic approach. […]

Redefining Your Focus During the Summer

Summer has officially started. The heat is being turned up, family vacations are starting, and suddenly there is a striking realization that 2016 is halfway over. Perhaps you are sitting on the beach right now sipping on a delicious cocktail reading this article. Are you where you thought you would be? Are you feeling stuck? Are you […]

How Much is Your Job Search Costing You?

The average job search is 33 weeks.  There are an average of 250 working days in a calendar year.  A $40,000 a year salary converts to a loss of $160 a day during a job search.  2 weeks with no work can equate to a loss of $1600.   That’s a hefty number that many cannot […]

The Top 5 Interview Secrets to Land Your Next Job

Have you ever wondered why some of your friends or colleagues always seem to nail their interviews and get the higher salary? Interviewing is a skill. It takes practice, confidence and focus. Negotiating your salary also takes great skill. Here are 5 of our top interview secrets on how to beat out the competition and […]

Organizing your Resume to Showcase Your Skills

One of the major errors seen in resumes is incorrect organization.  Lack of organization is problematic because it precludes the job seeker from showcasing his or her skills in a proper manner for the benefit of the reader. Looks are everything when it comes to a resume. You are judged by the template you use, by the […]

A Professional Resume Writer’s Guide to a Targeted and Organized Resume

There are three different types of jobs that seekers will apply to: safety, target and dream jobs.  Safety jobs are ones that are perfect for when you are in a pinch or bind that you know you can take on if need be, such as when you are unemployed.  Target jobs are ones which may […]

How to Pass Through the Gates of the Applicant Tracking System

Have you ever had the right job skills and qualifications for the job, submitted your resume online and then never got selected for an interview? Chances are your resume lacked the right keywords to pass through the employer’s applicant tracking system (ATS). It is estimated that more than 90 percent of large companies and nearly every […]