Career Coaching Services

FACT:  A resume is not all you need to conduct a proper job search. It is merely one element of a strategic process. A proper job search first begins with confidence, recognizing your goals, and being able to see the big picture when it comes to your career. 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to an increase in demand for our writing services, we are not accepting any clients for career coaching at this time. We will gladly refer to you our base of career coaches who can work with you on streamlining your goals, and then we can assist with your resume, LinkedIn, and career collateral.

Today, the job search game has completely changed. Your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile are important personal branding elements, but they are simply just a few pieces of the job search puzzle. Personalized career coaching services can make a huge impact on the way you conduct your job search in the digital age. Imagine having these important branding tools that also align with your goals, your strategy, and help keep you on track for success? Enter Wendi Weiner, The Writing Guru®, and The Fearless Career Academy™.

Wendi Weiner has coached hundreds of professionals into a career and job they love.  Wendi is a Certified Career Transition Coach (CCTC) whose passion for career happiness stems from her own desire to want more out of her own career as a lawyer. She leveraged her skill set in writing to achieve success in both the private and public sectors of law, and then propelled herself to follow her own path of career happiness as a highly acclaimed and nationally published writer and certified career transition coach. Wendi’s career encompassed working at a 400+ attorney law firm with a national presence, litigating appeals for a top-tier statewide law firm, working as a corporate attorney for a Fortune 200 company, and serving as an advocate in the public sector for criminal defendants with mental health issues. With what began as an idea to coach other lawyers into areas of practice and industries that they found fulfilling, Wendi eventually began coaching other professionals in varying industries. With her help and passion for achieving career happiness, you will be able to assess your current career, engage in personal and professional discovery, develop a strategic action plan with defined goals, create value propositions, learn new networking techniques, and market yourself with personal success in mind.

As an acclaimed member of the National Career Development Association, Wendi stays abreast on current trends in career development, and leverages those to better assist her coaching clients. Whether you are first starting out in the workforce or looking to change industries after many years, career and job strategy coaching can benefit you by:

  • Increasing career satisfaction, productivity, and success
  • Opening your eyes to changing career directions
  • Defining your strongest skills and characteristics
  • Matching your interests with the right opportunities
  • Refining your career goals with the right action plans
  • Branding, marketing, and commanding your value in the most positive way
  • Creating a better balance between work life and personal life

Are you ready to step out of a career you dread and into a career you love?  Do you feel as though you have reached a dead-end in your career of 20 years? Are you a lawyer who is seeking to move into a non-traditional legal career such as consulting or teaching? Then The Fearless Career Academy™ is for you. The Fearless Career Academy™ is a 4-week specialized coaching program that consists of 240 minutes of one-on-one career and job search strategy coaching. 4 weeks.  4 modules. 240 minutes of your time. The program includes the following modules:

Lesson #1: Goal Setting: Assessing Your Current Work-Life (60 minutes)

Lesson #2: Clarifying Your Focus: The Who, Why, and What (60 minutes)

Lesson #3: Setting Your Strategy: Results-Focused Action Plan (60 minutes)

Lesson #4: The Success Track: Techniques to Stay on The Right Path (60 minutes)