Professional Bio, Executive Bio Writing, & Networking Resume Services

A professional bio, executive bio, and networking resume are useful tools for company websites, networking documents, speaking engagements, listings in professional directories, author pages in books, or even programs/events.

Many times, it is difficult to write about yourself and your accomplishments without feeling as though you are bragging or saying too much. A strong, professional bio will serve as a strategic marketing tool that brands you and promotes your skill set. It will tell your story about obstacles or challenges you have overcome and share the personal side of your family and volunteer work that you are heavily devoted to on the weekends.

Whether you are a rising manager or a high-powered executive preparing for in-person meetings, we can develop a creative and captivating professional bio that accentuates your personality as well as highlights your leadership value.

Professional Bio and Executive Bio Writing Services

A professional bio or executive bio can serve many functions for a rising executive, senior business leader, or C-suite leader. If you are an independent consultant, entrepreneur, or on the Board of Directors for an organization, the first thing that someone will ask for is your bio. The professional bio or executive bio will be used for marketing purposes on websites, social media platforms, or even the snapshot/introduction for a speaking engagement.  Thus, professional bio writing services can be extremely beneficial for your career trajectory.

Pricing:  Website Bio: $795 (1-paragraph/100-125 words); Short Leadership Bio: $1,095 (2-paragraph/150-200 words); C-suite/Board/Executive Bio: $1,495 (multi-paragraph/300-400 words). We recommend that executives and C-suite leaders have both a short version (~200-250 words) for speaking bylines and long version (~300-350 words) for marketing/job search purposes. Board candidates will need a 300-400 word bio.

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Networking Resume Services

A networking resume is ideal for business owners, consultants, and speakers. A networking resume is limited to 1-page and it is utilized for a specialized purpose such as an award application, speaking engagement, or business meeting with a potential client. A networking resume is a more effective use of streamlining your work history into a condensed and abbreviated document without the need for extensive details. . The typical client who hires us for a networking resume is a CEO (business owner) of a law firm or company, independent consultant seeking project-based work, business leader applying to a leadership position for a community organization, or C-suite leader seeking a new speaking opportunity.

Additionally, we offer the ability to upgrade to include your bio in a networking resume/sell sheet for purposes of including your accomplishments with your professional bio or executive bio. Check out our sample networking resume here.

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Pricing: Networking resumes range from $1,495 to $1,995.