The Best Legal Resume Writing Service? How to Hire a Legal Resume Writer

Wendi Weiner Attorney Resume Writer - Legal Resume Writing ServicesHiring a Best Legal Resume Writing Service or Attorney Resume Writer

Finding the best legal resume writer or the best legal resume writing service is challenging. There are only a handful of resume writers who are former practicing attorneys (besides myself, Wendi Weiner) that specialize in legal resumes and understand the nuances of the legal profession, as well as how to write a legal resume or attorney resume.

When writing a legal resume, it’s recommended that whether you are a law student or a practicing lawyer, you should consult with a resume writer who is a former practicing attorney. The reason for this is simple: there are many variations of lawyers (law firm, corporate counsels, government, etc.).  A trained lawyer who is also a credentialed resume writer is going to understand what needs to be drawn out from the attorney’s broad experience and how to leverage key representative engagements in order to make the compelling story for that attorney. Attorneys are trained to think differently, and an attorney resume writer will understand the legal career trajectory better than a non-lawyer resume writer. They will understand how general counsels are different than law firm partners and how general counsel resumes will be positioned differently than a standard attorney resume for someone in the government sector or in a law firm. They will also understand how corporate governance, risk, and other important areas of a corporate counsel come into play.

Legal Resume Writers (Who Are Also Former Practicing Attorneys)

I always recommend that any attorney looking for a resume writer consult with myself and fellow attorneys and resume writing colleagues: Judy Monaco, Shauna Bryce, and Anne Marie Segal. If you’re an international lawyer, consider Tim Windhof as he brings deep knowledge of the international legal landscape.

All of these attorneys and resume writers are well-respected colleagues and each brings a unique perspective to legal resume writing. Ultimately, it comes down to who is the right fit for you and whose process jives with you. Book consults with all of us and then decide who you wish to hire.

About Wendi Weiner: Attorney & Resume Writer

Wendi has been praised as top subject matter expert in crafting legal resumes for general counsels and CLOs. She is the only attorney resume writer / legal resume writer with a column in Above the Law.

Wendi speaks on the national level to bar associations and other legal organizations about branding for attorneys and leveraging legal skills in the business world. More than 75% of Wendi Weiner’s clients are attorneys, and of that percentage, more than 90% are general counsels and CLOs at Fortune companies as well as privately held organizations. Wendi focuses her attention on leveraging these clients as powerful business partners and top legal advisors who pivot their expertise between legal frameworks and business strategy. Wendi has been the recipient of numerous career awards and is endorsed by The Association of Corporate Counsel.

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