Tips to Customize Your LinkedIn Profile URL in Seconds

Customizing Your LinkedIn URL - Wendi Weiner The Writing Guru

A customized LinkedIn URL is one sure way to brand yourself and a way to alert readers that you are an experienced LinkedIn user. Have you ever noticed that some LinkedIn users have a hodgepodge of random numbers and letters at the end of their URL? It is also far less awkward being at a networking event and saying to someone, “My LinkedIn URL is Brandon-Walsh-90210b65”

Master Your LinkedIn Profile With a Customized URL

The most important thing when contemplating your customized LinkedIn URL is consistency. You want all of your social media channels to be consistent and aligned. For example, all of my social media URLs are “TheWritingGuru” because that is my trademarked brand. One item to consider: if your email is, it may be useful to have a LinkedIn URL that aligns with that as well.

I put together this simple infographic that shows you how to easily customize your LinkedIn profile URL in seconds. But, don’t skip out on the additional information below that explains why you should have a customized URL and how it can truly benefit you when networking or job searching in the digital age.

Wendi Weiner - The Writing Guru - Customizing Your LinkedIn Profile URL Infographic

Add Your LinkedIn Profile URL to Your Email Signature Block

Remember, that having a customized URL enables you to effectively grow your network at the touch of a button. Now that you have a customized URL, consider placing your new vanity URL in your email signature block to allow for contacts to easily access your LinkedIn profile. Additionally, leverage your new customized URL to grow your network. Share your new URL with your Facebook contacts and other social media followers to build a stronger network.

Consider a Vanity URL for Your Trademarked Brand

Your LinkedIn URL does not necessarily need to be your first name and your last name. Consider having a vanity URL that’s part of your brand, especially if you have a trademarked name or unique brand. In my case, I use my company name, The Writing Guru for my LinkedIn URL so that no one else can utilize it.

Don’t forget to include your customized LinkedIn URL on your resume, business documents (letterheads), email signature, and business cards.

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I hope this proves helpful to you, and please feel free to reach out to me if you have questions.