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Wendi Weiner -The Writing Guru®Utilizing the best executive resume writing service, top executive resume writing service, or best legal resume writing service can mean the difference between landing your dream job and hearing, “We’ll keep your resume on file.” We turn to experts (therapists, doctors, mechanics, hair stylists, etc.),  for help in our everyday lives, and your resume should not be an exception to that rule.

According to Forbes, job seekers are 40% more likely to get noticed by hiring managers with a professionally written resume.  

Think about it. Your resume is the single most important career document you will ever need. Why wouldn’t you catapult your results at acquiring the job you really want? Our clients have accelerated their job searches, had doors open for them for the most coveted positions, and they have achieved the highest salaries reflecting over a 15% increase at minimum.

Each week that you are unemployed or job searching can cost you hundreds or possibly even thousands of dollars. How so? Let’s put some real figures to the test. If you are currently earning $100,000, you are missing out on an extra $15,000 to $20,000 a year by not acquiring a better job. If you are unemployed and your previous base salary was $100,000, you are losing over $8,000 a month as you job search. Just imagine what those numbers would convert to if you shortened your job search by weeks or months by having your resume professionally overhauled.

Things to look for in a top executive resume writer include: career background, academic background, industry certifications, work samples, reputation in the industry, publications, published reviews/testimonials, overall online presence, social media channels, and how well the writer markets himself/herself. Keep in mind: the resume industry is NOT regulated. So, you must do your homework very carefully in researching resume writers.

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Your Resume and Your Job Search Strategy Must Be Different in the Digital Age

A resume used to be a summary of your work history. You would send it in to an employer and hear back from someone in HR very quickly.  In today’s digital age, with just a few seconds to spare, your resume (and your LinkedIn profile) must personally brand you and capture the reader’s attention quickly while standing out in a pile of thousands of candidates. Your resume must also be a strategic marketing document that commands your value and expertise by focusing on your core competencies, achievements, accomplishments, and major contributions. Your resume must be able to pass through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and actually make it seen by the human eye.

Resume writing is both a skill and an art. It is technical, daunting, and not to mention, downright stressful. Many find it hard to write about themselves or target their resume for a specific position. Think about the logic behind this. You have a hair stylist cut or color your hair. You have a trained mechanic fix your car. You hire a contractor to remodel your house. Why wouldn’t you want a resume and job search expert helping you in the next step in your career? Remember, a great resume is what wins the most competitive job interviews. It encompasses succinct writing, superior grammar, and a style that astounds the reader with the “wow” factor.  Time and time again, it’s a proven fact that professionally written resumes get more interviews for the more coveted positions.

An Attorney and True Writing Expert is a Major Win for Your Legal or Executive Resume

As an attorney, Wendi Weiner, The Writing Guru®, has been trained to think in a systematic, pragmatic, and logical way. That training converts to better writing, analysis, and problem-solving skills. Wendi spent almost 12 years litigating complex insurance matters, writing extensive coverage opinions, and curating thought-provoking appellate briefs. Additionally, she had to think fast on her feet in making legal arguments to the judge. These are strategic skills that align with making a compelling argument about why you are the standout candidate in the job search process. Wendi also taught college writing classes for 7 years and her background is unmatched in the resume writing industry.  Thus, no matter your level of experience, Wendi has a creative knack and an arsenal of tools when it comes to accentuating your core strengths and abilities.

Wendi creates a unique, sophisticated template with the right format that best suits your experience, industry, and career path. Your professional executive resume will contain specific and detailed content encompassing industry targeted keywords regarding your professional experience so that you can strategically position yourself for the next opportunity. Each client is unique, and therefore each resume she crafts is unique to that client’s needs.

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Clients and Industries Served by Wendi Weiner, The Writing Guru

Resumes from Wendi Weiner, The Writing Guru have been featured in leading publications such as Modernize Your Resume and The Motivated Job Search.  She has been featured in more than 50 media outlets for her career expertise and she has been regarded as a best executive resume writing service numerous times, including a top legal resume writing service. While Wendi Weiner, The Writing Guru, has served more than 30+ industries when it comes to her resume writing experience, here are the top sector areas Wendi focuses her clientele in: 

Law ✦ Global Business Operations ✦ Sales, Marketing, & Communications ✦ Finance, Accounting, & Banking ✦ Healthcare ✦ HR ✦ Technology ✦ Supply Chain & Logistics ✦ Pharmaceuticals & Biotech

Clients Wendi Weiner, The Writing Guru, Serves:

✰ Attorneys (80% are Corporate Counsel falling into a General Counsel or Chief Legal Officer role)
✰ C-Level (CEO, CFO, CIO, COO, CTO, CHRO, CISO, CMO, etc.)
✰ Senior Management Executives (VP, EVP, SVP, Director)
✰ Mid-Level Managers/Rising Executives

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Wendi Weiner, The Writing Guru, is regarded as the BEST legal resume writing service, and 80% of the attorneys that Wendi Weiner services are top corporate counsels, general counsels, Chief Legal Officers, and high-ranking executives for Fortune companies, startups, and global entities. Wendi is known in the industry for her legal resume writing and regarded as a top attorney resume writer and attorney resume writing service.

Wendi Weiner’s Unique and Innovative Resume Writing Process

Wendi Weiner prides herself on offering top-notch, white-glove, and personalized resume writing services. The process spans anywhere from 15-20+ hours with 3+ hours of coaching and consulting time invested. Wendi handles your project from beginning to end, and Wendi does not outsource any work to a subcontractor or other writer. Wendi crafts unique resumes that are sophisticated in appearance, market the candidate strongly, and contain the optimized keywords to pass through applicant tracking systems (ATS) that so many companies use today to eliminate the wrong candidate in an over-saturated job market.

Prior to any client hiring us, we request you send your resume so that we may review it and discuss it with you during the consultation call. Once a client hires us after consultation and payment, we provide the client with an introspective questionnaire that concentrates on extracting the client’s accomplishments, skills, career goals, leadership, unique value to organizations, and desired target position(s). This enables us to have a more developed grasp on how to best serve our client’s needs. We compare the questionnaire to the current resume, research the specific job the client is seeking, and then the magic truly begins.  We utilize a three (3) step process with all of our clients, no matter their level or industry. Our resume service includes structure reformatting, content revamping, and reviewing/editing.  We consistently update our clients on the progress of the resume during the draft stage. Many times, we will ask additional questions and seek additional information through a comprehensive follow-up call. As a result, the average resume turnaround time is 14-21 days.

We believe that your resume and cover letter matter equally. Not only will we write a resume tailored to your career objectives and experience, we will also craft a detailed cover letter which emphasizes your career credentials and accomplishments.  Employers use cover letters to determine a potential candidate’s writing and communication skills.  The Writing Guru® focuses on establishing a clear connection between your skill set and your ability to convey those skills in writing. Therefore, ALL of our resume packages include a personalized cover letter with your resume!