Terms of Service

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: All writing projects commence upon rendering of full payment by Client to The Writing Guru LLC (hereinafter “Company”) and full payment must be made prior to writing projects commencing (this includes Company’s providing of questionnaire documents to Client). Client understands that writing is a creative personalized service, and as such, payment is nonrefundable and cannot be split, or canceled except as outlined in this Terms of Service. Client shall use Square or PayPal for payment transaction in order to purchase writing services. Client agrees that by making payment to Company for services constitutes acceptance of this Terms of Service.  Failure to read the Terms of Service in its entirety does not constitute waiver of the Terms or its application.

Writing projects will be completed in a timely manner with an emphasis on quality over quantity. Client understands and recognizes that Company has a busy writing practice with large volumes of bookings for writing projects and seminars and thus, from time to time, the time frame may need to be extended by a few days. Company will advise Client of any additional time needed. For resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profile projects, the initial resume draft will generally be provided within 10-15 business days of receipt of payment provided the questionnaire and required documents are provided timely. The cover letter and LinkedIn profile are constructed upon acceptance of the final resume draft, and will be delivered within 5-7 business days following the finalization of the resume, notwithstanding holiday closures.  Revisions and edits for all writing projects take approximately 5-7 business days.  The exact delivery date of the final draft will be determined by agreement of both parties. Company reserves the right to extend the time for delivering project documents during high influx periods of projects or unforeseen circumstances such as illness, hurricanes, and/or health or family emergencies.

All resumes include revisions with limitations as expressed herein.  After the first resume draft is delivered, Client will have 24-48 hours to review the draft and Company will arrange for a 30-minute project strategy session call to fully discuss changes that Client is requesting. It is incumbent on Client to be fully prepared for the 30-minute strategy session. The edited resume draft (presented in 5-7 business days) will include Client’s recommended edits subject to any express recommendations that do not comport with industry standards. Once the edited draft is presented to Client for review, it is for purposes of final proofreading to the edits made on the second draft. Client will send an email to Company providing any minor edits to finalize the resume. No major re-writing or overhauling/adding of information will occur at the third proof stage or it will be construed as additional consulting (billable at the rate of $200.00 per hour).  LinkedIn profiles and cover letters include one set of revisions (request made via writing) and will be provided within 5-7 days following delivery of final resume draft, depending on Company’s project and holiday schedule. Any additional edits or consulting time beyond the project scope and time frame are billed at the rate of $250 per hour should Client request such edits.

For resume projects, Client understands that completion of the resume questionnaire is an intricate part of the writing process and, therefore, Client agrees to provide all necessary information to Company. Client’s written documents will be prepared from the data acquired from Client’s existing resume that was reviewed prior to the project beginning (if applicable), the data provided on the resume questionnaire, as well as any additional information client provides to Company.

PROJECT DELAYS ON PART OF CLIENT: Client agrees to make reasonable efforts to be available by e-mail or telephone to answer questions during the intake and writing process, if necessary, in order to expedite production and obtain pertinent information about Client’s work experience and accomplishments, or to clarify data that appears inconsistent. Failure of Client to provide availability and/or required information (questionnaires, etc.) in a timely fashion or on the required timeline will result in delay on the project, and Client understands that the project will be delayed in order to fit into the rotation of Company’s current project schedule.  If Client fails to comply with any of the procedures and processes in making full payment to Company before the work commences, Company reserves the right to terminate the project.

PROJECT PRICE:  Client acknowledges and understands that the project price takes into account Company’s expertise, skill and time.  Further, the project price takes into account: (1) Client intake time, including e-mails back and forth between Company and Client concerning the project, (2) content writing, (3) typesetting/design/layout, and (4) proofreading and editing.  Client further acknowledges and understands that once payment is made, should Client wish to cancel project, a penalty will be assessed as follows:  cancellation after project is paid for, but before work has begun: a full refund will be made less any PayPal/Square transaction fees; cancellation after work has begun, but before first draft is provided to Client: 50% of total project price is retained by Company; cancellation after first draft is provided to Client: 100%  of total project price is retained by Company. 

Client’s project will be created by Company based on information provided at the time of initial consultation and information provided on the resume questionnaire or other submitted information/documents. If Client submits large volumes of supplemental documents for Company to review in order to craft new resume, those will be billed at additional hourly costs of $250 per hour. If additional or new information is introduced after first draft is provided, additional fees for consultation, writing, or revisions may be applicable. If Client fails to submit the correct information or omits information needed to create the ordered document(s) accurately, Company is not obligated to include this information after the client documents have already been started.

PROOFREADING, EDITING, AND ADDITIONAL WORK OUTSIDE SCOPE OF FINAL DRAFT:  While Company will make every effort to ensure that the career documents are 100% free of errors, proofreading is the responsibility of the Client. Client must review proof copies and request revisions (by either partaking in a strategy session call or providing specific instructions for changes in writing) within 7 days of receipt of draft unless special arrangements are made and agreed to by Company. Failure of Client to request edits within 7 days will constitute acceptance of the draft and finalization of the resume.

If additional changes are needed after acceptance of final draft, specifically after the TWO (2) rounds of revisions for the resume or ONE round of revisions for LinkedIn and cover letters, any such changes are subject to additional charges at the rate of $250 per hour.

ADDITIONAL A LA CARTE ITEMS:  Cover Letter $250-500; Reference Page $250-350; Thank You/Follow-Up Letter $250-400;  Resume/LinkedIn Update/Rebranding for previous clients $395-695.

PROFESSIONAL FREELANCE WRITING & EDITING: Freelance writing and editing projects for websites, books, articles, business needs, and other custom services will be billed at the rate of $250 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours of work.

RUSH FEES: For those clients whose needs are more urgent, we do offer a 7-day writing project delivery for an added rush fee of $500-$750 as follows Entry-Level/Mid-Level Professional $500; High-Level Professional $600; C-Level/Senior Business Leader $750.

ACCEPTANCE OF CAREER DOCUMENTS: After career documents are provided to Client, Client must approve said documents or request changes within 7 days. After 7 days, the project will be considered approved and complete. Any additional work thereafter will be billed as additional consulting work. Silence or failure of Client to authorize or approve career documents will constitute acceptance of them as the final draft.

LIABILITY: Company is not liable for any inaccurate, incorrect, or misleading information in the prepared materials as Client is required to review the materials and approve the entire content prior to final delivery. Company will not confirm or attempt to verify information provided by Client and will not be responsible for the accuracy or truthfulness of the information provided by client. Client is not responsible for consequential damages of any kind that Client may incur from inaccurate documents while utilizing Company’s resume writing services and Client agrees to hold Company harmless from any such liability. Should Client wish to file suit against Company, the jurisdiction/choice of law shall be in Florida and each party shall bear its own costs in filing suit. Company maintains that once Client is in possession of Company’s work product, and due to equitable law, absolutely NO refunds will be permitted.

Company maintains that it cannot guarantee interviews or jobs or career outcomes as market conditions vary and it is incumbent upon Clients to aggressively partake in the job search process, including properly applying for qualifying positions that Client meets the requirements for. Additionally, company is not responsible for Client’s use or non-use of the resume or writing project.

PRIVACY:  Company advertises through social media communications and various networking arenas.  Company expressly agrees that it will not share any Client’s personal information (name and company worked for) unless (1) Client grants permission to Company to use as a testimonial or sample, and (2) such information is ordered by local, state, or federal officials regarding investigation or a lawsuit.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Company owns all of the content and information posted on this website and no one may copy, distribute or use any content, including that for financial gain, without the express consent of Company.