Pricing & Packages

While we are based in Miami, Florida, 85% of our clients are located across the globe. Over 90% of our clients are senior managers, executives, and C-level leaders earning salaries of $125K+. We make it simple and easy for you to order and pay for our resume services. CLICK HERE to learn about how we determine our prices and how our process works. Don’t forget: your job search is tax-deductible!

Resume Formats: We provide our resumes in both Word and PDF versions.
Turnaround Time: Since we do not outsource any work, and due to very high demand for our services, our standard turnaround time for the first draft is approximately 10-15 business days (2-3 weeks incl. weekends).
Resume/LinkedIn Updates for Returning ClientsPast clients who need their most recent positions added to their resumes/LinkedIn profiles or who are in need of re-branding for a career change are priced at an hourly rate with total price depending on professional level and complexity of work needed.

 Pricing for Resume & LinkedIn Branding Packages*

*Note: LinkedIn profiles are $500-$700 when added on with a resume + cover letter for stronger branding.  Before hitting “Buy Now,” please check with us that you are purchasing a package at the correct career level. If you are in between levels, we reserve the right to place you in the lower or higher level depending on complexity of work involved.  Click on the “+” symbol on the relevant career level to view packages and full pricing information.  

C-Suite, General Counsel, & Board of Directors: $2,495.00 for resume + cover letter. President, General Counsel (GC), Hybrid Roles (GC & EVP/GC & VP,) Board of Directors, and all C-Level/C-Suite, including CEO, CFO, CIO, CXO, CHRO, CISO, CTO, CLO, CSO, CRO, CMO, etc.
Senior Executives | Executive Managers | Business Leaders: $2,195.00 for resume + cover letter. Senior executives, business leaders, and those holding coveted senior management roles. Includes: VP, SVP, EVP, Director, Senior Director, Department Head, Senior Manager, General Manager (GM), Senior Business Consultant, Senior Engineer, IT Director, Senior Attorney (10+ yrs. exp.), Shareholder/Partner. Also includes senior technical roles, international professionals, and academic CV's.
High-Level Professionals | Non-Executive Managers | Adv. Degree Professionals: $1,495.00 for resume + cover letter. Professionals with 10+ years of experience and advanced degree (MS/MBA/JD) professionals with greater than 5 years of experience. Includes: Attorneys (excludes senior attorney/partner/shareholder/GC level), Pharma/Med Device Sales, Junior Manager/Assistant Director (non-executive), Healthcare Consultant (non-management), Supply Chain/Logistics, Business Consultant/Analyst, Financial Consultant/Analyst, HR Manager, Product Manager, CPA, IT Manager, Military Background/Transition.

While 90%+ of our clients are high-level professionals, senior managers, executives, and top-business leaders, we assist mid-level professionals (2-9 years of experience), college students, recent college grads (0-2 years of total exp. including internships), grad students, and law school students on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for more information regarding pricing and packages for students and recent grads. Below is our pricing for mid-level professionals.

Mid-Level Professionals | Experienced Rising Professionals: $1,195.00 for resume + cover letter. Rising professionals with 2 to 9 years of experience, and junior technical level professionals, including engineering, IT, finance, accounting, & medical/sciences. Also includes advanced degree (i.e. MS/MA/JD/MBA) professionals with up to 5 years of total work experience.