Resume FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: Why should I hire a qualified resume writer?
Answer: Leverage and advantage.
The job market is over-saturated and highly competitive. With 250+ candidates applying for the same job and 94% of recruiters scoping out candidates on LinkedIn, you must stand out and get noticed faster in the digital age. That’s why turning to a professional resume writer is the best decision for your career. It can mean the difference between getting an average job versus getting the job you want….and deserve! Qualified (i.e. highly certified) resume writers are trained to see things in a resume that laypersons do not see. Think of it as Beethoven looking at a piano. He knew which score of music to play and it turned into a symphony.

Question: Why should I choose The Writing Guru® over other resume writers and resume writing companies? 
Answer:  Check out our career credentials, certifications, industry leadership, publications, & credibility.
With thousands of resume writers out there, selecting the right one for you is almost as stressful as writing your own resume. The idea can best be compared to shopping for a car. There are some shoppers who see a vehicle as a simple mode of transportation that takes them from point A to B. Then there are those shoppers who want a vehicle that has all of the bells and whistles – backup camera, navigation, heated seats, leather interior, etc.  While a car’s ultimate purpose is taking you to your next destination, the bells and whistles can ultimately define the comfort of getting to your destination.

Similarly, resume writers come in different tiers and levels. Since your resume is the most important document in your career, selecting the right resume writer is an intricate task. It’s a fact that a Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW) is a true resume expert – it is considered to be the PhD of resume writing. As the only NCRW with a combination of a law degree from a top 100 law school and teaching expertise for college-level writing, Wendi Weiner leverages her value on having the highest academic and proven career credentials of any resume writer in the industry. Additionally, we possess 4 top industry certifications in both resume writing and career coaching. We have sat on interviewing committees, reviewed thousands of resumes, and have written thousands of resumes in 30+ industries. We are a global industry expert for resumes and other career documents – we’ve been published in The Huffington Post, Forbes, Fortune Magazine, Monster, Business News Daily, and many others! We firmly believe that to produce the best work, you must be armed with the best credentials.

Question: What are your prices?
Answer: Our 2018 prices range from $1,295.00 (mid-level professional) to $2,695.00 (c-suite) for a resume and cover letter. We also offer packages with full LinkedIn optimization.

  • Mid-Level Professional: ($1,295.00): Rising professionals with 2-9 years of exp., and advanced degree professionals (MS/MBA/JD) with up to 5 years work exp.
  • High-Level Professionals & Non-Executive Managers ($1,595.00): High-level professionals (10+ years of exp.) and advanced degree professionals (MS/MBA/JD) with 5+ years of work experience. This also includes attorneys with 5-9 years of experience.
  • Senior Executives ($2,395): Attorneys with 10+ years of experience, senior executives, business leaders, and those holding coveted senior management roles.
  • C-Level/C-Suite, BOD, and General Counsel ($2,695): Corporate Owner, President, CEO, CFO, CIO, CXO, CHRO, CTO, CLO, CMO, CSO, General Counsel and hybrid roles.

Question: How do your prices compare to other resume writing companies?
Answer: The difference is in the details. Compare our prices to value, skill, service level, recommendations, and results.
Our prices may seem high compared to the average non-certified resume writer, but when choosing the person who will write the most important career document, you get what you pay for.

The difference is truly in the details. We ARE NOT a resume mill. We DO NOT outsource any work. Many of those companies that charge $99 or $150 for a resume are not top-tier resume writers. Those companies simply churn and burn resumes with low-level writers. You may see companies that charge half of what we charge. Consider that they may be employing a team of writers who are not certified and who truly do not know the resume industry standards or have the command and tenacity of writing that we do. Our services are concierge style, one-on-one, and extremely personalized. You will always collaborate one-on-one with Wendi Weiner. She will learn your personality, attributes, and shape your resume in the best way possible to create a strategic marketing document that best sells your value. Most importantly, she will always be available for your call, text, or email.

The average resume overhaul takes around 15+ hours when you include the branding, strategy, and consulting process involved. Our prices also fall within the guidelines established by the National Resume Writers’ Association and Professional Association of Resume Writers for our caliber and level. We construct our resume prices based on your level of experience and the type of position you are seeking.  Remember, your career advancement is contingent on your progression of skills and accomplishments. Therefore, as you move up the ranks in your experience and positions, so does the information and time needed for proper branding of your resume.

Resumes for executives and C-level clients are very specialized and require the utmost of detail. The template we will create for these top-ranked professionals is slightly different than standard professionals. Also, we never use just one template, or a form. Each resume is created from scratch. We pride ourselves on having one that is specifically tailored for a high-ranking executive, including key figures, career highlights and accomplishments that emphasize the resources candidate has effectuated during his/her tenure.

We believe our resumes hold their value, particularly when our clients receive job offers for better positions and higher salaries, ranging from $10K to over $20K salary increases.

Question: How much time do you spend on my resume and what is your process from beginning to end?
Answer:  On average 15-20 hours, with researching, consulting, strategizing, proofreading, and editing added in.
Remember, we do not outsource any work. Your resume is crafted by our owner, Wendi Weiner. The average resume, from creation to finalization includes time spent consulting with the client, additional research, drafting a cover letter, or crafting a LinkedIn profile.  The research we perform for each client exceeds what most resume companies will do. Our process after the initial consultation includes a detailed questionnaire that seeks to extract information regarding the client’s full employment history, career goals, and accomplishments. We research each company the client has worked for, the positions held, and the positions of interest to ensure proper keyword matching.

All resume writing projects include two revisions/rewrites.  This means that after the first draft is presented to the client, the second draft (presented in 4-6 days) will be the first revision/rewrite, and the third (final) draft will be the second revision/rewrite. Additional consulting, writing, edits and rework after the third (final) draft is presented to the client is billable at the rate of $300 per hour.  After the first draft is delivered, we will arrange for a 30-minute project strategy session call to make changes that are needed.  LinkedIn profiles and cover letters include one rewrite.

Please note: We provide candidates with their resumes in standard Word and PDF formats. Our resumes are ATS compliant with respect to keywords; however, should a client wish to have an ASC II (plain text format) resume for easy copying and pasting into an online form, it is recommended that you upgrade to our ultimate career package. Should you wish to do the ASC II format as an add-on, it is an additional fee of $375.

Question: What if I need my resume updated?
Answer: We give our clients reduced rates for resume updates.
Resume updates are one of our favorite things to do. Our clients’ resume update will encompass additional flavoring to reflect accentuated skills, new accomplishments, and job experience.

Question: Do you work with clients out of state or out of the country?
Answer: Yes, more than 80% of our clients are located outside of the Miami, Florida area.
We also offer Skype/Zoom calls and evening appointments to accommodate to your schedule.