Book a Free Resume Consultation with Wendi Weiner, Attorney & Award-Winning Career Expert!

Today, more than 60% of executives hire a professional resume writer. Applicant tracking systems have revolutionized the way resumes are read and scored. Before you hit send on that next job application, have your resume evaluated by Wend Weiner. Book a free resume consultation with her to have an informative, no-sales pitch, 30-minute call. During the call you will: 

✔ Learn WHAT is keeping you from getting the interviews you want and salary you deserve.

✔  Learn WHY your LinkedIn profile matters more than ever, and the steps to having a standout profile.

✔ Learn WHY Wendi’s background as an attorney for 10+ years and former college writing professor for 7 years enables her to apply a different approach to resume writing. Understand WHY resume writing is a specialized process that requires true expertise, not a churn and burn product that resume mills output.

✔ Learn HOW to transform your resume into a strategic marketing document that SELLS your skills and value by also creating a strong personal brand.

► Note: Resume prices for experienced professionals range from $1,195.00 to $2,195.00 for a resume + cover letter with top business leaders and c-level executives falling at the top of the range.