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Proofreading, Editing, & Brainstorming Strategies for College Admissions Essays

In today’s times, college admissions essays are deemed the most influential aspect of the application process because of the applicant’s ability to communicate on a personal level with the admissions officers. Whether you are applying to your dream Ivy League school, a top 10 target school, or a state safety school, your college admissions essay is critical because it reveals what your grades and test scores can’t – who you are and how well you write.

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As a former college writing professor and highly skilled writer, Wendi Weiner, The Writing Guru®, knows what it takes to engage the admissions officers among thousands of essays. Admissions officers look to the college admissions essay to see just how compelling the applicants’ personal and individual characteristics are. If your essay does not allow your personality or voice to shine in a way separate from your test scores and GPA, then you are lacking the ability to truly maximize and capitalize on your admissions capabilities. Stand out above the rest and get into your top college choice our specialized college admissions essay writing services!

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Our College Admissions Essay Packages

 Please note: Each additional essay and/or assistance with common app short answers are available and priced at $250 per hour. 

Silver Package

Price: $295.00

The Silver Package is our standard essay proofreading and editing package.  We recommend this package if the college admissions essay is closer to the final draft stages and the applicant needs simple proofreading for grammar, spelling and syntax, as well as minor restructuring. This is strictly an edit-only package and does not include coaching time with the applicant.


Price: $495.00

The Bronze Package is a step-above ordinary proofreading.  The Bronze Package includes a constructive critique which guides the applicant on how to improve the structure, focus and clarity of the college admissions essay, and a additional round of editing. We recommend this package if the applicant’s college admissions essay is in rough draft form and requires simple restructuring of essay content with one-on-one coaching for stronger essay guidance. Package includes a 45-minute coaching session via Zoom/Skype with college applicant and 1 round of detailed editing and feedback.

Gold Package

Price: $695.00

The Gold Package is a three-part process that assists applicants with brainstorming, planning, and editing through multiple drafts. It includes a background questionnaire to assist the applicant with identifying key talents, leadership, and community service to help craft the foundation of the essay.  Package includes a 45-minute coaching session via Zoom/Skype with college applicant to formulate ideas and provide guidance for the applicant to prepare the initial draft, and 2 detailed rounds of editing and feedback to finalize the admissions essay.