Job Search Strategies by Wendi Weiner, Top Executive Resume Writer & Career Expert

Job-interview-panoramic_13168“Hello from the other side
I must have called a thousand times.”

Ah yes, you just can’t get those Adele lyrics out of your mind.  You’ve memorized what to say when you get called for the interview. In your mind, they’ve called a thousand times….to the wrong candidate.

Many job seekers believe that in order to acquire the next best job, all that needs to be done is to apply and hit “send” on that application and wait to hear back from the company. Unfortunately, that is the wrong approach. In today’s job search times, much more is needed from applicants if they truly want to score the most coveted positions in their industries.

Here are some tips to get you started in re-thinking your job search strategy after you hit “send.”

1. Request In-Person Meetings.

Reach out to companies you want to work for. Follow these companies on LinkedIn. Review their company mission statements and learn who the key players are. Ask for an in-person meeting. Ask for their email address. Send your resume directly to the hiring manager or executive partner and follow-up always. It shows initiative and a proactive stance.

Consider having a sell sheet, an innovative 1-page resume that is more like a brochure into who you are and the value you command.

2. Connect with recruiters on LinkedIn (once your profile is completed and fully optimized and resonates key business professional).

You now have a resume that strategically markets you and your skill set (after all, you’ve hired a top-tier resume writer to get your job search going the right way).  Taking advanced steps is a requirement in the job market.  It is all about strategy and actively pursuing the opportunities.

3. Search for jobs on LinkedIn. It is the #1 place to job  search today. You can even use your LinkedIn profile to apply for jobs. Stop lingering around job boards. LinkedIn is where it’s at for professionals and you need to be on top of your game.

4. Network like there’s NO tomorrow!

Look to attend networking events in your area if possible. It is a great way to get introduced. Join groups on LinkedIn and see who is posting articles and job advertisements. Consider attending local Chamber of Commerce meetings, business to business events, and even happy hour events for professionals. But remember one thing:  just like Patty Stanger says when it comes to dating advice, “Two drink maximum.” Be social, but do not let loose. You are there for the purpose of obtaining your next job, not your next weekend outing.

These are some strategic things you can do outside of hitting “send” on the resume and waiting to hear back. By taking charge, and going after those jobs you want, you will find that persistence will pay off, and the next job will be in your lap before you know it!

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